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Google’s Project Tango

Imagine if you could reverse 3D print. But wait! Isn’t that what taking a picture accomplishes? Well what about capturing video? Isn’t that an even better example of transporting the physical world into the virtual world? But what if there

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How to Snapguide

What is Snapguide? Snapguide is a free web and iOS application that allows you to create basic “how to” guides. Here is a link to the Snapguide that I easily made on separating differential equations. The key to Snapguide is its

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Hour of Code : Python

Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Almost all students have experience in taking a music or art class. But how many of those students can say they have taken a programming class? Programming, art and music

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1 Week, 1 App

In the video above, the Nordstrom Innovation Lab goes through the process of designing a Sunglass iPad App in one week. The Innovation Lab works on one week experiments. When someone has an idea, it is the the job of

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Battle of Health Care Insurance Sites

The site has been criticized lately for its design and difficult of use. Recently, a group of coders in Silicon Valley created as an alternative to shopping for health care plans. Visually, the site looks great. It is filled with color

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Try and steal it now!

Many bike locks these days have become ineffective as thieves can get past them. However, Lock8, is designed to prevent your bike from being stolen and if it does, a built in GPS can track the location of your bike.

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Project Ara by Motorola: Making Modular Smartphones a Reality

As I was browsing the web recently, I came across this article. I remember not too long ago there was a similar idea to make a phone that is open hardware. A little over a month ago, Harsh wrote an

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