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Career Portfolio Reflection

The career project has enabled me to reflect on my experience, activities, and skills and organize them together into a resume and digital portfolio. I learned how to properly express my academic and extracurricular accomplishments. Before, my career portfolio consisted

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Teacher Profile: Mr. Wood

As a junior in Mr. Wood’s class, I was enlightened to the possibilities that biology had to offer in various subjects like microbiology, taxonomy, and especially genetic engineering. When Mrs. Scheffer gave me the assignment to write a teacher profile

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Third Quarter Reflection

Here is a link to a Haiku Deck I created that summarizes the skills I learned. In the weeks concluding the third quarter, I accomplished several goals. While accomplishing goals is great, the skills I developed in attaining these goals

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Google’s Project Tango

Imagine if you could reverse 3D print. But wait! Isn’t that what taking a picture accomplishes? Well what about capturing video? Isn’t that an even better example of transporting the physical world into the virtual world? But what if there

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ILE: Round Two

Here is a link to a Google Doc summarizing my tentative ILE. The way we will implement this system is first deriving a rating based on automatic match data that includes how many assists per alliance scores, points scored during

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Reflection 1: Semester 2

Over the course of the last three weeks, I have helped produce the first Help Desk Live broadcast as well as two blog posts. Here are some of the skills I developed over these past few weeks: Initiative and entrepreneurship:

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How to Snapguide

What is Snapguide? Snapguide is a free web and iOS application that allows you to create basic “how to” guides. Here is a link to the Snapguide that I easily made on separating differential equations. The key to Snapguide is its

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