Career Portfolio Reflection

The career project has enabled me to reflect on my experience, activities, and skills and organize them together into a resume and digital portfolio. I learned how to properly express my academic and extracurricular accomplishments. Before, my career portfolio consisted of a single, simple activity list with no descriptions. I have also realized the necessity in creating a proper resume and establishing a professional profile on the web. As I go on to college next year, the skills that I have developed in the career portfolio project will give me a competitive advantage over other students who are not prepared. The career project has also contributed to my digital footprint because they will enable to me to network online with individuals with similar interests who could potentially help me land an internship or career in the future.

By creating a LinkedIn,, and, I have been able to establish a digital footprint that I can leverage into an advantage. Future employers could search for my name and encounter a positive digital image of a student who has aspirations and is hard-working. The career project is important because helps me prepare for the professional world, which is especially timely as I am graduating high school soon. The career project is unique as I have not had a class where we had the opportunity to create a career portfolio. Finally, the career project gives me a competitive advantage because many students do not already have resumes or understand the valuing in networking. Not every student has the advantage of having a professional instructor help his or her students construct a career portfolio. By being able to network with professionals, when it comes to finding an internship or job, I would already have people who could refer me. Just as the competition for jobs is increasing, the career portfolio project is a great way to stand out in the sea of graduating students. However, it is not only enough to just “be” on LinkedIn,, and It is necessary that I maintain and update my digital portfolio over time and continue to make connections with others through networking.


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