Google’s Project Tango

Imagine if you could reverse 3D print. But wait! Isn’t that what taking a picture accomplishes? Well what about capturing video? Isn’t that an even better example of transporting the physical world into the virtual world? But what if there was another piece of technology that truly bridged the physical and virtual world together. Meet Google’s Project Tango.

In simple terms, Project Tango is an advanced smartphone that can map out the physical environment around you using 3D sensors. These phones have typical sensors like a compass and gyros, but they also feature Kinect-like visual sensors.

“The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.” – Johnny Lee and the ATAP-Project Tango Team

The prototype for Project Tango is currently a 5″ android mobile phone designed specifically to track the full 3-dimensional motion of the device. Using the data the phone collects around the environment, it can generate visual maps of rooms. Project Tango prototypes are being distributed similarly to how Google Glass is being distributed. Google wants potential users to fill out a form asking “What would you build?” with Tango. Unfortunately, not just anyone can apply. At this current time, only corporations or institutions can apply to receive the development units. Developers who do want to write applications for the device may do so in Java, C/C++ along with the Unity Game Engines.

Wondering about some of the functions you could utilize using Project Tango? Here are some ideas!

  • Shopping
  • Directions
  • Aiding the disabled
  • Augmented reality gaming

But in reality, the possibilities are endless.

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