ILE: Round Two

Here is a link to a Google Doc summarizing my tentative ILE.

The way we will implement this system is first deriving a rating based on automatic match data that includes how many assists per alliance scores, points scored during the autonomous period, number of goals scored, and more. However, with every rating system, it has its flaws. FIRST uses a Twitter account to update match data immediately after a match completes. There is also another source we will use that also keeps track of foul points. This automatic system would have its flaws however. For example, it is possible that a team may have high scores simply due to their teammates carrying them through the matches. Therefore, we hope to collaborate with our scouts and help develop a scouting application to streamline the process of scouting. Scouting is simply recording data on robots at competition to see who is doing well and who is not. I won’t be doing this entirely on my own however, I will have some help from the great Harsh Dedhiya and Xin Zhang the magnificent.

As a side ILE per-say, I also hope to develop my skills with Sony Vegas and help film at competition in order to create a top tier production video after our competition at Northeastern.


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