Reflection 1: Semester 2

Over the course of the last three weeks, I have helped produce the first Help Desk Live broadcast as well as two blog posts.

Here are some of the skills I developed over these past few weeks:

Initiative and entrepreneurship: Moving forward with Google Glass and 3D Printing, Google recently unveiled Project Tango, which is a new cutting edge technological innovation to transform the physical world into the virtual world.  I hope to write up a post on this new technological development in the coming weeks.

Curiosity and imagination: One new app that I investigated was Snapguide. Snapguide makes it incredibly easy to make guides. I was able to learn to take complex tasks and simplify them through Snapguide. In addition, I began making videos for the Robotics team using Sony Vegas which can be seen over here. I tried to make the videos showcase what we had been doing during those weeks in build season. The two videos I produced thanks to footage from Joe Sateriale were simply made from just cutting clips to match an overlayed song. I learned how to use the marker feature in Sony Vegas, which greatly reduced the time it took to make the second video. I hope to create a higher quality production with our footage from the Granite State District Event we competed in last weekend and also at Northeastern University later in the month.

Concise Writing – In my 3D printing post with Harsh, we aimed to make our post slightly shorter, trying to hit the major points about the emerging technology and explain its benefit to education without dragging on. We did so by reducing the amount of links, and also adding videos to engage our audience in more than just plain text. It’s cool and all to write about 3D printing, but what is the fun in that? Mrs. Scheffer suggested to us that we design and print out a 3D business card holder for the help desk business cards. We initially had absolutely no idea on how to design 3D models. We went over to Thingiverse to find a base model to work off of. Our plan is to engrave the words “Help Desk” into the card holder, and also create a pen holder.


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