Hour of Code : Python

Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Almost all students have experience in taking a music or art class. But how many of those students can say they have taken a programming class? Programming, art and music share one simple idea: limitless creation. Programming is another medium, like art and music, that can allow students to unleash their creativity and build an application. Many students like to listen to music and make music so why not play video games and code for video games?

The Hour of Code serves to help students learn how to code and engage them in a different way of creative expression. I myself tried out one of the Python tutorials located here as I have never programmed in Python before. The tutorial walked you through to create a “chatterbox” named Eliza  that could respond to your messages. Above is a picture of the final product at the end of the tutorial. The end task was to create a program that responded in certain ways to different answers. In the example, Eliza would keep asking you what movie you would like to watch until you mention WALL-E, which was her favorite movie. If you mention Transformers, she will say that the movie was scary. If you answer with anything other than Transformers or WALL-E, she will say she had fun and suggest to watch another movie. This might sound like a lot of code but the tutorial breaks down everything you need to make the final project in smaller parts. Overall, the tutorial laid out some basic foundations of Python by teaching me about output statements, control statements, and the syntax.

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