Breaking the Boundary between the Physical and Digital World

This post will discuss the following TED Talk.

Designer and engineer Jinha Lee demonstrates how the border between our physical world and the digital world is becoming thinner. First, he presents a pen tool that goes through the screen and displays a three-dimensional model of the pen

Next, he shows how he can apply the same concept to computing.

Using a depth camera and transparent display, he can reach into the 3D space and grab pixels with his bare hands. He then describe the idea of having the digital world reach us instead. At the MIT Media Lab, he was able to create a physical pixel in the form of a spherical magnet by cancelling gravity and controlling its movement. Human motions can be recorded and played back. He explains how students can use it as a tool to learn complex concepts.

Lee ends the TED Talk with the notion that once we remove the boundary, the only boundary left is our imagination.

Overall, this TED Talk fascinated me. The potential of this technology is limitless. As a student, the educational opportunities this product can provide is unheard of. It is only a matter of time before this technology hits classrooms. It may seem like a stretch, but so did bringing iPads into the classrooms.

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