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Week 13 Reflection

This week in Help Desk, there was only one student who I helped. The student wanted to get the YouTube app on his iPad as Apple removed the YouTube app in the iOS 7 update. What seemed like the simple

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Hour of Code : Python

Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Almost all students have experience in taking a music or art class. But how many of those students can say they have taken a programming class? Programming, art and music

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Week 12 Reflection

Harsh and I finally completed our revamped presentation on evaluating websites and submitted a post for the main blog. We learned how to create presentations with visual appeal. We aimed to limit the amount of information on each slide by

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1 Week, 1 App

In the video above, the Nordstrom Innovation Lab goes through the process of designing a Sunglass iPad App in one week. The Innovation Lab works on one week experiments. When someone has an idea, it is the the job of

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Breaking the Boundary between the Physical and Digital World

This post will discuss the following TED Talk. Designer and engineer Jinha Lee demonstrates how the border between our physical world and the digital world is becoming thinner. First, he presents a pen tool that goes through the screen and

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