Week 10 and 11 Reflection

During these two weeks (the second week going into Thanksgiving only gave us one and a half periods of helpdesk), Harsh and I were given the idea by Mrs. Scheffer of creating an app that would have the current bell schedule for the day. As we did further research, we plan on using AppGyver’s Steroids to help make it a reality. The reason we are choosing to program the application without Xcode is because we do not have Macs at home. Another reason is that we would want the app to be available from the web, on Android, and iOS. Steroids allows you to program native-like iOS apps using Javascript. Therefore we can program a web application on either a Mac or PC and then wrap it with Steroids so that it will work on mobile devices. However, it will not be easy to make a seemingly basic application. Harsh and I will have to spend months learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL to get everything working in place.

In other news, Harsh and I submitted our power-point on evaluating websites. However, Mrs. Scheffer found the presentation boring and dull so she made us revise it. Thus we redesigned the presentation to engage the viewer and hopefully we can finish it shortly after Thanksgiving break.

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