Week 8 Reflection

Over the course of the week I worked on my post about the new technology I investigated: InfuseLearning. I had trouble figuring out what InfuseLearning was until I saw one of their videos. Immediately it reminded me of Socrative. I feel like InfuseLearning can compete with Socrative and it is much easier to use. InfuseLearning features a simple yet functional design that can easily be used by teachers. Hopefully, my post will inspire teachers to innovate at BHS and interact with students in new ways.

We did not have many people come in for help this week. Mr. Liljegren came in help on how to open and print his word documents since he does not have Microsoft Word on his computer. Harsh and I tried to download Microsoft’s word document viewer although we were unable to. Ultimately the only solution we had was to convert his docs to PDFs. Mrs. Czerwinski also came in this week for help on equation writing in Google Docs since she also no longer has Microsoft Word. Although Google Docs has a built-in equation editor, it was too cumbersome to type in many equations.

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