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Week 10 and 11 Reflection

During these two weeks (the second week going into Thanksgiving only gave us one and a half periods of helpdesk), Harsh and I were given the idea by Mrs. Scheffer of creating an app that would have the current bell

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Battle of Health Care Insurance Sites

The site has been criticized lately for its design and difficult of use. Recently, a group of coders in Silicon Valley created as an alternative to shopping for health care plans. Visually, the site looks great. It is filled with color

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Week 9 Reflection

This week was shorter compared to the other weeks as we had a four day weekend. Throughout the week, I demonstrated my initiative by learning more about Quizlet and writing a blog post on it. Quizlet is an example of

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Week 6 ILE

No progress on ILE this week. However, I been working on using CSS in my Web Design class which will be useful in the future for our ILE.

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Week 8 Reflection

Over the course of the week I worked on my post about the new technology I investigated: InfuseLearning. I had trouble figuring out what InfuseLearning was until I saw one of their videos. Immediately it reminded me of Socrative. I

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Architecture that Enhances the Relationship between Community and Environment

This post will comment on the following TED Talk here. Xavier Vilalta, a Barcelona-based architect, works on projects in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He stands for traditional designs and adapts them to construct modern buildings that suit their

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Try and steal it now!

Many bike locks these days have become ineffective as thieves can get past them. However, Lock8, is designed to prevent your bike from being stolen and if it does, a built in GPS can track the location of your bike.

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