Project Ara by Motorola: Making Modular Smartphones a Reality

As I was browsing the web recently, I came across this article. I remember not too long ago there was a similar idea to make a phone that is open hardware. A little over a month ago, Harsh wrote an article here on PhoneBloks. The idea of PhoneBlocks was to have removable parts of a phone and have users customize based on their needs.

In the first linked article, Motorola plans to make modular smartphones a reality. Motorola is naming the endeavor as “Project Ara”, an open hardware platform that focuses on building modular smartphones with parts that snap on them. Based on your needs, you can attach parts that satisfy those needs. For example, it mentions in the article that if you love to type, you can attach a physical keyboard. Another example is that if you find that you constantly run out of battery, you can swap in a bigger battery. The possibilities are endless.

Although the idea of Phonebloks has actually been around for years, Motorola plans to tap into the Phonebloks community and make the project come true.

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