Apple adds new ‘App Resurrection Policy’

Apple recently updated the App store to allow users to download the most recent working version of an app that works on their old iOS versions. This policy would allow for customers to stick with their apps on an old version of an iOS and not be compelled to download the new iOS in order to continue using an app. While this feature makes the process seamless for the user, it raises issues for developers. For example, users using an old version of an app may experience bugs and glitches that the developer actually cannot fix because developers cannot re-upload fixed old versions of apps. Also, users could leave bad reviews for nonfunctional apps that may not be supported by the current version of an app.

However, days after this new feature, Apple decided to listen to developers and make an adjustment to the App Resurrection Policy. Developers now have the option to restrict the versions of the apps that are on the app store although they still cannot make changes or fix bugs in old versions.

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