Week 1 Reflection

Over the course of a week, I helped several students with iPad problems and worked on my blog post for Notability.

Monday: Nathan and I helped the IT guys move carts of iPads and Chromebooks onto a truck for the middle school and elementary school for the entire period.

Tuesday: I started writing my blog post for the Notability app and assisted a student in resetting an iTunes account.  The student was unable to call her password to her iTunes account. Therefore, I had her enter her email on the iTunes account recovery page so then instructions will be sent to her email to reset her iTunes password.

Wednesday: I continued to work on my blog post and helped a student with a problem in installing the new iOS. However, whenever I tried to install the new update, an error popped up saying that the update was unable to be installed. The final solution is that Nathan and I proposed was to have the student reset the iPad to factory settings. For my blog post, I began the process of adding pictures to my post showing how to use folders, backup notes, zoom hand-writing mode, and note taking.

Thursday: I finished writing my blog post on Notability and proof read my post. Unfortunately I did not the get the chance to help a student with any problems.

Friday: I fixed some grammatical errors on my blog post and plan to add more detailed pictures over the weekend.

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