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TED Talk – The Emergence of “4D Printing”

Although 3D printing may still seem like a new concept, TED Fellow Skylar Tibbits is developing what he calls “4D Printing” in which the fourth dimension is time. The technology will be able to print 3D objects which reshape themselves

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Apple adds new ‘App Resurrection Policy’

Apple recently updated the App store to allow users to download the most recent working version of an app that works on their old iOS versions. This policy would allow for customers to stick with their apps on an old

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Week 3 Reflection

Monday: I was only in class for a few minutes because all the seniors were called down to the athletic field to have a class photo taken. Tuesday: I started looking for news in technology to write an article on.

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Week 2 Reflection

Monday: I added the final touches to my blog post on Notability to make it ready to be published. There were no students that needed assistance. Tuesday: Harsh and I planned to create an iOS app for Helpdesk. We started

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Individual Learning Endeavor

Authors: Amit Patel and Harsh Dedhiya Estimated Time of Release: May 1st, 2014 We will create an independent website, in place of the app, that will function as a virtual help desk. Click here to find out more details.

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Week 1 Reflection

Over the course of a week, I helped several students with iPad problems and worked on my blog post for Notability. Monday: Nathan and I helped the IT guys move carts of iPads and Chromebooks onto a truck for the

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Best $2.99 you’ll ever spend! – Notability

Disclaimer: Notability is NOT a free app. It costs $2.99 and operates on the iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone (3Gs and later) and iPod Touch (4th generation and later). Notability is an essential note-taking app that any BHS student should have.

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